A Freelance Writing Business

A Freelance Writing Business

A freelance writer is a writer who works for an individual or company under contract.  You can become either a full-time freelance writer making a living from your writing or a part-time freelancer supplementing other income. There are a wide variety of freelance writing jobs available such as business writing, copywriting, magazine writing, newsletter and brochure writing, press release writing, technical writing, travel writing, writing marketing copy, and writing for the Web.

Do you dream of a becoming a freelance writer? Would you like to earn your living by writing full-time, working from anywhere and at a time that suits you? Those are the three main benefits of freelance writing and why people often ask me how they can become a freelance writer too.

Annabel Candy of Get In the Hot Spot and Successful Blogging shares her tips one becoming a freelance writer including the drawbacks, Freelance Writing Training, Skills and Qualifications and Resources to Help You Become a Freelance Writer in How to Become a Freelance Writer.

Excellent Writing Skills

Successful professional freelance writers are highly skilled, audience focused, informative, powerful and  persuasive writers.  Powerful writing resonates with competence, vision, and service. Powerful writing  persuades readers to read and respond.  The more you write, the more powerful and persuasive your writing will become. — Better Blogging: Powerful, Persuasive Writing

A Freelance Writing Business Plan

A well crafted business plan is necessary to get your freelance writing business up and running successfully. A business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets. The value of a business plan lies in the process of researching and considering how to establish and develop  your freelance business in a systematic way.  Successful professional freelance writers are small business people, who insist on written contracts setting forth the details, terms, payment rate and due date for payment, the format for submission and the deadline. Resources: SCORE Business Plans & Financial Statements Template Gallery and One Page Business Plan Template.

A Freelance Writing Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy and projecting income is an important thing for a freelance writer to do. Successful professional freelance writers create a marketing strategy to generate business and attract customers by researching what works best for their business. For example, if you want to become a scientific writer, research the field to find out what other business writers charge, how lucrative the scientific writing business is, and to project your potential income. There are a number of websites where freelance writers can look for work and promote themselves. Most offer various levels of membership and some are free. The largest is

Freelance Writers Blog or Website

Freelance writing for the Web requires purchasing your own domain and  creating a blog or website to showcase of your writing portfolio, social networking profile, practice your skills, advertise your availability and to provide contact information. Resources: Create a Website and Setting up a self-hosted install

  1. Bloggers are passionate writers
  2. Bloggers are powerful communicators
  3. Bloggers are audience targeted
  4. Bloggers are organized and productive
  5. Bloggers are social networkers

Using social media to expand your freelance writing network takes hard work and time but will yield opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

Envision Writing: Compelling Communications

I’m delighted to announce my friend’s new writing site: Envision Writing.  Sandra is a seasoned professional freelance writer who specializes in creating compelling content for individuals (professionals, solopreneurs, creatives) non-profits, and small businesses. If you intend to become a freelance writer I think Sandra’s professional freelance writing services site is an example of what to aim for.

Futher reading and photo credit: Are You Ready For Your Dream Job?

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A Freelance Writing Business

"Kali pertama titik api terpantau di Dusun Temu, Desa Jogoyasa, Ngablak," kata Edy dal pesan singkatnya, Jumat (13/9/2019).

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A Freelance Writing Business

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