Blogging: Focus on Content Creation

Blogging: Focus on Content Creation

This morning I am following the advice in the video below. I’m not allowing myself to become distracted away from creating content. I’m focusing on building content, and I will do nothing else until this post, and another one for my other blog are completed and ready for publication.

Content Creation Checklist

(1) Identify a readers’ need and solve a problem. This is the kind of content readers will bookmark and pass on to others.

(2) Write consistently over time creating completely new content that’s useful to your readers.

(3) Connect with your readers, create discussion, establish and maintain blog centered relationships by loving your readers to death.
Warning: Watching This Video May Lead to Work!

It’s easy to get distracted as a blogger – but one thing you can’t ignore is creating content for your blog. — Darren Rowse

From the video

Don’t just sit there go and write a blog post.

Don’t come back here until you have written it.

Don’t get on Twitter until it’s ready to be published.

Don’t check your email until you’ve written it.

Don’t read another article about blogging until you’ve done some of your own.

Don’t get onto Digg, don’t visit Facebook …

Don’t leave a comment on another blog …

Don’t tweak your blog’s design …

Don’t check your PageRank …

Don’t check Google Analytics …

Don’t install another plugin …

Don’t do any of that until you have written that post!

It’s all about the balance. Other activities can augment the blog, but without the blog as an anchor (containing useful content), the other activities can’t stand alone. — socialphototalk

Gunung Andong yang berada di Kabupaten Magelang, terbakar. Kebakaran berikut diketahui ada 6 titik api.

Kepala BPBD Kabupaten Magelang, Edy Susanto mengatakan, kira-kira pukul 17.15 WIB, BPBD terima informasi dari relawan SAR Grabag, telah berjalan kebakaran di Gunung Andong. Adapun titik api, kali pertama terpantau di Dusun Temu, Desa Jogoyasan, Kecamatan Ngablak.

Blogging Focus on Content Creation

"Kali pertama titik api terpantau di Dusun Temu, Desa Jogoyasa, Ngablak," kata Edy dal pesan singkatnya, Jumat (13/9/2019).

"Titik api terpantau ada 6 titik. Titik api berikut masih jauh dari pemukiman penduduk," ujarnya.

Blogging: Focus on Content Creation

Sementara itu, Wakil Administratur KPH Kedu Utara, Bagas Avianto mengatakan, vegetasi yang terbakar beruapa serasah rumput kering.

"Vegetasi yang terbakar serasah rumput kering," kata Bagas.

"Api telah padam jam 19.30 WIB. Saat ini, petugas masih standby dan laksanakan pendinginan," ujarnya.