Crafting Quality Blog Comments

Blog Comments


Comments are powerful. We all love to receive quality comments that are specific and personalized; timely and on-topic. They provide the necessary fuel for discussion and include ideas for future posts.

The truth is that comments are NOT a real measure of how good your posts are. According to Michael Dick’s Rules of Engagement, 75% of readers are passive and only 5% are somehow engaged.
Commenting Creates Connection

Crafting quality blog comments connects you to other bloggers, increases your online presence and attracts new readers to your blog.

For some crafting high quality comments is easy. For others, it’s very difficult. When it comes to commenting the degree of difficulty you experience is rooted in your personality type.

Are you an introvert (reserved) or extrovert (outgoing)?

Your writer’s voice is the way your writing style sounds to your readers. Finding out your personality type can provide insights into your writing style and help you work on improving your comments.
Commenting Advice

Let’s see what the expert advice is on crafting high quality blog comments.

In Stay Connected we find these 5 commenting tips:

  1. Read thoroughly.
  2. Contribute something of value.
  3. Keep your comment bite-sized.
  4. Avoid shameless plugs.
  5. Above all, be patient, be respectful, and be yourself!

In the blog article Are you well-versed in comment etiquette? are 5 basic tips to keep in mind when you comment on others’ posts:

  1. Be specific.
  2. Don’t leave a link to your blog.
  3. Stay on topic.
  4. Be nice.
  5. Keep it brief.

In How to Write a Great Blog Comment, Grammar Girl provides 9 simple rules for writing great blog comments.

  1. Determine your motivation
  2. Provide Context
  3. Be respectful
  4. Make a point
  5. Know what you’re talking about
  6. Make one point per comment
  7. Keep it short
  8. Link carefully
  9. Proofread

Motivation matters

The way bloggers communicate and present themselves and their opinions online is important, but even more important than online presence is “to thine own self be true”. If we lose our sense of balance, and cross the “to thine own self be true” line online, in order to secure friends, readers and/or customers by projecting a phony “nice” personality we will sacrifice authenticity.
Four Commenting Guidelines

A quality blog comment contains valuable information and ignites discussion. These are my 4 guidelines:

  1. Make your comment simple and memorable.
  2. If you have a question ask it clearly.
  3. If you have relevant information to add state it briefly.
  4. If you have learned something new express your appreciation.

Warning: Think before you type and click “submit” because it is not possible to edit or delete any comments you have left on other blogs.

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Blog Comments

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Crafting Quality Blog Comments

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