Defining Blogging Success

Defining Blogging Success

Successful bloggers are passionate and purposeful writers, who have something original and meaningful to say; they say it well and they say what they have to say, often. Successful bloggers are organized and manage their time well.  However, success may be defined in many ways, so how do you determine whether you are on you way to becoming a successful blogger or not?

Your own personal success is what makes you and your blog’s achievements unique. You need to know how to get to where it is you want to be.  And, you have to be proactive to get there.

What are your blogging goals?
Are you achieving them?
How do you define blogging success?
Do you measure blogging success in terms of likes, followers, email subscribers, stats, shares, comments, income, something else, or a combination of factors?
What would you do to make failing blog a success?

In Psychological Foundation of Success, Stephen Kraus synthesizes decades of research on success, happiness and well-being. His book is positive, motivating and easy to read. Kraus states true success in life isn’t rare because people are weak or lazy – it is rare because people use flawed strategies.

“Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.”

One of the easiest traps to fall into to avoid taking action is paralysis by analysis. The most powerful thing that you can do to increase your chances of success in anything are to develop the mindset and habits of initiating action and being prepared to adapt, rather than finding reasons to avoid acting.

Krause’s 6 observations:

1. Successful people are a little crazy.

2. Successful people are overly optimistic.

3. Successful people are flexible thinkers.

4. Successful people look to mentors and role models.

5. Successful people take risks.

6. Successful people ask questions.

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, is the bestselling e-book by Heidi Grant Halvorson published by Harvard Business Review Press.

The purpose of the Nine Things Diagnostic is to give you a better sense of how much you’ve used each strategy in the past when trying to reach your goals, and which areas you may want to pay particular attention to.

Halvorson’s nine things:

1. Get specific.

2. Seize the moment to act on your goals.

3. Know exactly how far you have left to go.

4. Be a realistic optimist.

5. Focus on getting better, rather than being good.

6. Have grit.

7. Build your willpower muscle.

8. Don’t tempt fate.

9. Focus on what you will do, not what you won’t do.


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Defining Blogging Success

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Defining Blogging Success

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