Keyword Metatags

Keyword Metatags

The keywords metatag was a critical element for early search engines but hasn’t been used in search engine ranking since 2002. There is no such thing as setting a meta keyword tag for a blog. However, from time to time new bloggers post to the support forums asking for instructions for setting a meta keyword tag for their blog.  

HTML meta tags are page data tags that lie between the open and closing head tags. Meta titles, meta descriptions and keyword metatags are not required for SEO purposes, regardless of where you blog.

Example from HTML <meta> Tag

<meta name=”description” content=”Free Web tutorials”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript”>
<meta name=”author” content=”Ståle Refsnes”>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″>

In 2009 Matt Cutts verified that Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking and had not been using it for years and he said said it again in 2010.

Bing does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking either but they do use it to detect spam.

The only search engine that looks at the keywords anymore is Microsoft’s Bing – and they use it to help detect spam. To avoid hurting your site, your best option is to never add this tag. — How To Use HTML Meta Tags

Yet there are still bloggers accustomed to being able to insert metadata into their Blogger ie. blogs, who arrive in the support forums and feel disadvantaged when they are told what is stated above. Go figure!

These days search engines pay more attention to your keywords in your content than they do to your keywords in Tags/Categories.

The rule of thumb for assigning Categories and/ or Tags is less is more. That means assigning the minimum combined total of relevant Categories and/or Tags that accurately describe content to Posts (not Pages). Provided none of the reasons for non-appearance apply to your posts they will appear on Topics Pages as well as in search engine results. search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

To verify blog ownership of a blog with the major search engines you can use this Webmaster’s Tool guide. Provided your blog visibility is is set to Public ie: Allow search engines to index this site, your content will be indexed by search engine spiders even if you fail to verify. Also note that automatically provides Sitemaps for our blogs to search engines. Read All About SEO on

These 5 videos introduce how Google discovers, crawls, indexes your site’s pages, and displays them in search results. It also touches lightly upon challenges webmasters and search engines face, such as duplicate content. Here are two more informative videos that explain Search Engine Optimization and Web Search Strategies in Plain English.

Good SEO is a given when you are using a theme. However, learning and applying basic SEO is worth the effort. Whether you write informative, persuasive or controversial content, learning how search engines work and how to apply basic SEO to you content will benefit your blog as it will increase traffic from targeted readers. Here are 6 Ways to Make Google Your Blog’s Best Friend.

Lastly, be happy you chose blog at because:

WP automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.

WP takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO.

—  Matt Cutts at WordCamp 2009

SEO is a hot topic around the blogosphere, and you’ve likely heard a lot about it. Much often repeated SEO advice is untrustworthy and some of it is just plain bad.

The good news is if you have a site on we take care of the vast majority of the technical side of SEO for you. The only thing you really need to do for great SEO is write! — SEO and Your Blog

In September 2012 Google announced a brand new news_ keyword tag on the Google News blog. “This new tag in the HTML of each article is a logical extension of that sorting feature, with the added functionality that the words aren’t required in headlines or body copy.”  Read more about the news meta keyword tag Google Wants You To Use Keyword Metatags… No, Really and see Google’s Help article on the topic.

news metatag

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Keyword Metatags

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Keyword Metatags

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